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A little about Andrew

Growing Up

Andrew Walter Taglianetti was born December 22, 1989 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to his parents Alison and Peter. For those long nine months in the womb Andrew was not alone, as he spent his time with his twin brother and best friend, Jon. That is not the whole family however as he has an older brother Patrick, and a younger set of twin siblings in Louis and Corey.


Mother - Alison

A succesful entrepeneur owning both personal training gyms and spas, on top of raising 5 children. Was a collegiate swimmer at the University of Vermont.

Father - Peter

Was a two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins on top of playing 10 years in the NHL for the Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota North Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning, and of course the Pittsburgh Penguins.


High School

Andrew has been fortunate enough to have wonderful educational opportunities in his young life. He grew up going to South Fayette which has been recognized as one the better public schools in the Western Pennsylvania area. As high school approached however, Andrew transfered to Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School to continue his education. Central Catholic has been recongnized by the Department of Education as one of the nations "outstanding secondary schools."

Andrew on attending Central Catholic

Without question one of the greatest decisions I have ever made was to attend Central Catholic. Most of what I have accomplished so far in my life would not of been possilbe without attending that school. I graduated there with more than just a diploma, but with some of the best friends, experiences and personal values that one could recieve.



Andrew was blesed enough to recieve a full athletic scholarship to the Univeristy of Pittsburgh where he continued his education. He enrolled in the College of Business Administration and majored and eventually graduated with a Marketing degree in April 2012. Currently Andrew is pursuing his M.B.A at Pitt's Katz Graduate School of Business which has been recently ranked by Financial Times as #83 top graduate business school in the world.